gerald ROY spencer, P.E.

Gerald Spencer, P.E. has more than 50 years experience serving as the Engineer of Record responsible for the design and construction of the MEP portions of more than 1300 building construction projects since 1968 including more than 30 years of preparing forensic engineering reports. Gerald Spencer, P.E. has also been providing licensed professional engineering expert opinion and testimony concerning HVAC, electrical, plumbing, cryogenics, ventilation, construction contract compliance, construction cost  estimating, construction contract acquisition, construction contract administration, and other construction matters for attorneys with  since 2001.


CONSULATE Post Generator and UPS System Upgrade Mumbai, India - 2001 - Gerald R.Spencer, P.E. is the AE for the design of the up-grade of the new Grounding, Uninterruptable Power System, and engine generator for the secure communications systems, fuel supply and the secure diesel fuel storage system for this site. Systems located in remote developing countries will normally not get the maintenance needed for reliable back-up power needed for diplomatic communications. This system included a new 450KVA 50Hz generator with a remote 8,000 gallon storage fuel tank. A fuel transfer/distribution system was designed to supply the diesel fuel day-tank inside the remote utility building. A secure fill detail was designed to prevent fuel contamination by unauthorized personnel, and also allow fuel to be delivered without the fuel truck entering the security fenced area of the consulate property. Engine driven radiator fan will be configured to ventilate the newly configured engine generator room. A 300KW auxiliary load bank was installed in the engine fan air discharge path in place of the radiator. Existing double doors on the north wall be removed and replaced with louvers for engine driven fan air flow discharge.

All other windows were removed and replaced with louvers for air intake. Radiator is remotely mounted at the roof level. Remote radiator will be purchased by the government to meet the DOS criteria of 70DBA at 15' away from the radiator. Fuel piping and fuel overflow/return piping is double wall for secondary containment. A concrete trench with a grating cover might allow for easier maintenance, but visitors might trip, and the trench might not be visually appreciated. Overflow/return piping is not trapped, but sloped to drain back into the underground fuel storage tank. Secondary containment piping will slope with the fuel piping back to the fuel tank to test wells/sumps where fluid indicating equipment can monitor liquid leaks into the annular spaces. Electrical Power Company Voltage drops of 20 % are normal, and not acceptable to the operation of the consulate.

The existing utility building was modified to have additional load carrying capacity to carry the added engine generator loads. The existing building was reinforced to resist seismic forces for Seismic Zone 3. The existing UPS system was replaced with a system of greater capacity. We also designed a Forced Entry rated/protected safe area with battery operated emergency ventilation and emergency lighting for Consul officials security in times of civil unrest. We also provided a new 75 KVA UPS system to serve the consulate communications and minimum lighting. The Consulate Building was a historical landmark and the modifications were made to minimize the visual impact to the facility.

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Spencer Engineers, Inc. (SEI) is the AE and/or the Engineer of Record responsible for the design and the construction of more than 15 U S Department of State construction projects around the world.

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