SEI is the AE of Record and Gerald Spencer, P.E. is the MEP Engineer of Record (EOR) responsible for the desgin and the construction of security systems for detention facilities, secure communications facilities, banks, space flight power and control systems that are located around the world. Gerald Spencer, P.E. is familiar with TM 5-853-4 and biometric identification control systems. SEI has been the EOR for many detention facilities, jails, banks, secure military facilities, and military armories. Gerald Spencer, P.E. has been the AE for many security partition penetrations were incorporated into the structure as security measures to prevent information from passing through openings in ductwork and etc.

Please also refer to "SECURE FACILITY DESIGN" hot link and the "SECURITY SYSTEMS" hot link for additional information.

Gerald Spencer, P.E. has more than 50 years experience serving as the Engineer of Record responsible for the design and construction of the MEP portions of more than 1300 building construction projects since 1968 including more than 30 years of preparing forensic engineering reports. Gerald Spencer, P.E. has also been providing licensed professional engineering expert opinion and testimony concerning HVAC, electrical, plumbing, cryogenics, ventilation, construction contract compliance, construction cost  estimating, construction contract acquisition, construction contract administration, and other construction matters for attorneys with  since 2001.