gerald ROY spencer, P.E.

Gerald Spencer, P.E. has more than 50 years experience serving as the Engineer of Record responsible for the design and construction of the MEP portions of more than 1300 building construction projects since 1968 including more than 30 years of preparing forensic engineering reports. Gerald Spencer, P.E. has also been providing licensed professional engineering expert opinion and testimony concerning HVAC, electrical, plumbing, cryogenics, ventilation, construction contract compliance, construction cost  estimating, construction contract acquisition, construction contract administration, and other construction matters for attorneys with  since 2001.

Spencer Engineers, Inc. provides effective and comprehensive  forensic, expert witness, design and construction engineering services.

Gerald Spencer, P.E. founded this firm in 1967 to provide mechanical and electrical engineering design services to the general public and has a 50 plus year history where he is the engineer of record responsible for the design and the construction of more than 1300 successful HVAC, MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing), Space Simulation, Cryogenic and other similar construction projects.

This makes Gerald Spencer, P.E. one of the most experienced and qualified engineers in the nation in these fields.  

Experience You Can Trust



Gerald Spencer, P.E. is a Licensed Mechanical Engineer and/or a Licensed Electrical Engineer, and is/was licensed in 26 continental states in the USA and one Foreign Territory. 
Gerald Spencer, P.E. holds NCEES Certificate 7447 (1978)  National Engineering Certification in both the Mechanical and in the Electrical disciplines 

Gerald Spencer, P.E. is expertly proficient in most of the electrical and mechanical engineering areas of expertise.

Gerald Spencer, P.E. has been the Engineer of Record for more than 1300 MEP construction projects in the USA plus 40 additional projects in Europe, Asia, the Caribbean, South America. 


Gerald Spencer, P.E. tailors his services to every client's needs and offers a wide range of services including general engineering consultation, expert witness, forensic engineering analysis, construction contract analysis, construction cost estimating, energy consumption calculations, damage model determination and expert testimony in any legal forum. 

Gerald Spencer, P.E. has provided expert witness reports and testimony concerning Professional Engineering Malpractice, HVAC, Electrical Power, Lighting, Fuel Systems, Plumbing Systems Engineering, Construction Contract Administration, Forensic Engineer for mechanical and electrical problems, Final US Government Construction Cost Estimating, Expert and Damage Model Documentation,  Life Cycle Economic Cost Analysis Report justifications Energy Consumption Analysis