gerald ROY spencer, P.E.

hotel design

Gerald Spencer, P.E. is the MEP Engineer of Record for the design and the construction of many hotels and housing for transient occupants, including the following hotels.

1. TRADE WINDS MOTOR HOTEL AND ADDITION - WICHITA FALLS, TEXAS - Motel with full restaurant plus club, meeting rooms, swimming pool.

2. HOLIDAY INN PARK 10 - 19 FLOOR - 350 ROOMS - HOUSTON, TEXAS - MEP Consultant - This is a high rise hotel with restaurants, meeting rooms, indoor swimming pool, laundry and kitchen.

3. L'HOTEL SOFITEL - 8 FLOORS - 375 ROOMS - HOUSTON, TEXAS - MEP Consultant - This is a high rise hotel with three separate restaurants, meeting rooms, indoor swimming pool. laundry and two kitchens.

4. ALBERT PICK HOTEL 250 ROOMS - 10 FLOORS - MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE - MEP Consultant - We designed the HVAC, Electrical and Plumbing systems for this facility.

5. EXECUTIVE INN 150 ROOMS - 4 FLOORS - MEP Consultant - We designed the HVAC, Electrical and Plumbing systems for this facility.

6. RAMADA INN ADDITION 100 ROOMS - 3 FLOORS - MEP Consultant - We designed the HVAC, Electrical and Plumbing systems for this facility.

Gerald Spencer, P.E. has more than 50 years experience serving as the Engineer of Record responsible for the design and construction of the MEP portions of more than 1300 building construction projects since 1968 including more than 30 years of preparing forensic engineering reports. Gerald Spencer, P.E. has also been providing licensed professional engineering expert opinion and testimony concerning HVAC, electrical, plumbing, cryogenics, ventilation, construction contract compliance, construction cost  estimating, construction contract acquisition, construction contract administration, and other construction matters for attorneys with  since 2001.